Testimonials of the benefits of
Humic Free Fulvic Acid

Increase Energy and Rejuvenate Healthy Skin

I am so grateful for the founder of Genius Naturals, his passion for WELLNESS makes his Humic Free Pure Fulvic Acid UNIQUE and it is by far The BEST health product I have ever tried! After my first time using it, I immediately felt a shift in my energy level and my skin tone revitalized. My friends commented positively of my renewed skin appearance without make-up. I am truly pleased and blessed. I would recommend his Pure Fulvic Acid over any other fulvic acid products on the market. I have told all of my friends and family about it.

Nadia Gillespie, Actress, Model and Dancer from Hollywood, California, U.S.A.

This photo was taken without make-up.

Fast healing power on cut without scar and fast inflammation reduction

Thank you Genius Naturals! Your Amazing Humic Free Pure Fulvic Acid really works FAST. I was amazed by the healing power of the fulvic acid. My finger was cut one third deep and was instructed to drink one full bottle of 30 ml mixed with 16.9 fl. oz of bottle water 3 to 4 times in the interval of about 30 minutes on the same day and also applied few drops on the wound. I was so surprise that my finger started to feel itches 4 hours after finish drinking the whole bottle of mixed fulvic acid. The itches were signs of healing as I knew from previous wounds. The second day I was drinking only 50 drops of fulvic acid mixed with water. In only two days my wound was totally closed up and I never thought it will heal that fast and when it totally healed it left with NO SCAR. No antibacterial cream or antiseptic were applied except 2-3 drops of pure fulvic acid were applied externally on the cut and the red inflammation reduced fast. I thought you might be interested to see the pictures. Herewith, three pictures were taken at three different days as to show the awesome healing power of your fulvic acid. Thank you so much.

C. F. from Los Angeles, California

Hemorrhagic stroke

Dear Genius Naturals,
I was admitted to the ICU on Dec 29, 2011. According to the cat scan of my brain (please refer to diagram below), I had a hemorrhagic stroke, a life threatening stroke that is deadly in 85 percent of cases.

The moment my friend Mr. Lee heard of my case, he immediately sent me bottles of Genius Naturals' fulvic acid. Even though I am an avid user of conventional medicine, I never doubt the healing powers of alternate medicine. I have a long history of blood pressure in my family. My father was also a victim of the same type of stroke and what Western medicine cannot heal, Eastern medicine have helped him recovered and he was able to eat and swallow on his own within 6 months of consuming Chinese herbs and acupuncture. Doctors were amazed at his short term of recovery.

For my case, the doctors, nurses and especially my physical therapists were shock that within a week I was able to perform all the obstacle courses they set me out to do. Within week I was declared independent and I can walk without a cane.

Whether you choose to believe in the remarkable healing powers of Genius Naturals fulvic acid or not, the choice is actually not a choice when it comes to being whole again and regaining your life back. I will continue to consume the fulvic acid, and be a living proof that it has helped me to regain what I otherwise would consider a misery life without mobility. I see no harm in natural cure.

Thank you Mr. Lee for being my guardian angel, doing good cause and saving life, you deserve all the success you are and will be blessed.

P.Lew from Saint Cloud, Minesota - January 18, 2012

Natural Renew Energy

Hi Sir/Madam,
My name is John Sambo and I am a high school student and I play basketball for my School. One day in the first week of January, 2012, a friend of my family came and saw my mother was tired and having flu after the flu shot! My mother was taking antibiotics for about four days at that time and she was very tired. He gave my mother about 75-100 drops of your Genius Naturals fulvic acid mixed in a cup of water. My mother drank it and within one hour my mother felt so good and has so much energy! Since that day my mother stopped taking the antibiotics and drinks your fulvic acid and she is doing great and the flu is gone.

Also, I was always tired before game and after game. I used to drink Gatorade (sugary soft drink) before game and sometime energy drinks from Red Bull and Monster after games. They just gave me the rush of energy and then crush. However, your fulvic acid is so different. I only drink about 20 -30 drops of your Genius Naturals fulvic acid mixed with water and it gives me pretty much constant energy and stamina. I have so much energy even after the game and am not tired any more. My coach noticed of my energy level and he commented for the very first time. I didn’t tell him of my new found secret yet.

I am for Genius Naturals! The Power Within Secretly!

John Sambo from Los Angeles, California - January 19, 2012

Natural energy, focus and no agitation; no constipation and healthier skin

Dear Sir,
I have been taking Genius Naturals Humic Free Pure Fulvic Acid for quite sometimes because it gave me a lot of natural energy and focus for the whole day compares to other energy drinks that loaded with insane amount of caffeine and taurine which make me agitated, and once the caffeine and taurine are used up I felt lousy. However, with your fulvic acid I never feel tired and never feel agitated. In fact, I am more focus on my work in the personal banking. I am healthier and my skin looks great! By the way, before taking Genius Naturals Pure Fulvic Acid, I always had constipation. However, now my visitation to the restroom was a lot easier, fast and smooth. I guess that my colon must be a lot cleaner and healthier. Thanks a lot Genius Naturals.

Miguel A. from Los Angeles, California

Heal wart, elevate energy level, and increase alertness and improve joints flexibility

Dear Sir/Madam,
Wart infection is contagious and it spreads easily when you are not careful and touch on it. I got one on my finger and then it spreads and became two! I took 50 to 60 drops of Genius Naturals pure fulvic acid with water and sometimes with juices for 2 -3 weeks to keep me alert, focus and energetic during my more than 12 hour long work day. Without realizing and couldn’t believe that my warts infections were drying up during those times to a point that they almost came off. Enclosed with the picture at the time the warts were about to came off and also another picture days later when it totally gone and healed! When the warts came off they left with two tiny holes on my finger but they healed so quick within few days without trace of scars. Those 2-3 weeks my energy level was great, I felt good and energetic, moreover, my mind was so focused and I accomplished more in my work. Genius Naturals pure fulvic acid is an awesome product. I also gave to my 78 years old mother who complaint about pain and stiffness on her arms and knee joints and also behind her backbones. Since taking your fulvic acid, she slept well, more energy and alertness. Best of all her joints are more flexible that she now can reach to her back easily and she no longer having pains on her arms, knee and back. What a wonderful product.

K.S from Chino Hills, California

Lymphoma Cancer patient gained energy and grew hair

Dear Sir,
My 72 years old grandma has Lymphoma cancer. It is a cancer in the lymphatic cells of the immune system. Her doctor treated her with chemotherapy and some radiation. After the chemo her hairs dropped so much and she don’t has appetite and energy. I am so glad that I met you. For the very first time I gave my grandma Genius Naturals Humic Free Pure Fulvic Acid about half a bottle (15 ml.) mixed with 16 oz. of liquid to be drink in 3 to 4 times in the same day. She was ALIVE! I meant she has so much energy the next day and look better than before. Ever since taking this fulvic acid my grandma’s hair grew back as before and after consumed 3 bottles of fulvic acid in about 2 months, she is doing well and she was able to travel overseas to see her son. I am very thankful for your product.

Angie L. from California

Get rid of 14 years of allergy problem

Dear Sir,
Having suffered with allergy during every spring time for the past 14 years with no medication that work for me, or treatment to stop the aggravation and suddenly out of no way was introduced to your Genius Natural Humic Free Pure Fulvic Acid that stopped my allergy ordeal in only 3 applications in two days was indeed a MIRACLE to me! Thank you for taking the time to introduce Genius Naturals Humic Free Pure Fulvic Acid to me. Your application of fulvic acid in the amount of 50 to 100 drops mixed with water, tea, or juice seemed too much for me in term of cost in the first place, however, I am glad that I listened to you and followed your recommendation for my underlined allergy problem. I am here to let you know that after first application of about 100 drops of your fulvic acid mixed with tea, I woke up the next morning with almost no sign of allergy. I only sneezed 1-2 times and the watering eyes were gone. I was so released and continued to take the second application of about 50 drops of fulvic acids with tea in the morning. My third application was in the afternoon with the same amount. I thought I have to continue few more applications. But, after the third application I did not take any more because my 14 years of allergy was gone. I am basically allergy free for some days for now. What a released! In retrospective, this is the most economical way of getting rid of my allergy problem even if it cost more than $30 per bottle. Now, thinking about it, it was really pocket change compared to hundred or may be thousand that I had spent on my 14 years of allergy problem. I have more energy and feel good. I still taking your fulvic acid in 10-10 drops per day to keep me healthy and focus and energetic. I couldn’t thank enough for the time and patient that you took to introduce your product to me. Once again THANK YOU!

Tina C. from Alhambra, California

Breast cancer patient’s skin has glow and gain energy

Dear Sir,
Thank you! I have more energy now than before and never tire again during working hour after taking Genius Naturals fulvic acid. I have breast cancer and chemo made me feel down and my hair dropped and skin looked terrible. Within one month of taking fulvic acid, my skin look good and glowing. I am not exhausted anymore! I have more energy and feel better. I am continuing taking fulvic acid.

Christine L. from California

Parkinson Disease patient walks again after 7 years ridden on bed

A report from Japan
“Ms. Matsue Kawakami was completely cured of Parkinson Disease
Before cured her heel was shrunk upward about 6 cm and couldn’t walk. Her ankle was twisted slightly and her both hands trembled. She couldn’t move her body to the left or right on the bed and most of the time she was bed ridden and cannot get off the bed.

She started drinking Humic Free Pure Fulvic Acid on October 19, 2010 and on October 22 her heel which shrunk upward 6 cm was able to move. On October 26, 2010 (after 7 days of drinking the fulvic acid) mystery happened after 7 years of suffering. She started pinching her cheek for some time to make sure that she wasn’t dreaming. All of her family members were beside her and were mystified to learn that she was moving and alive. All these time they were preparing for her departure from this world, however, miracle did happen and they all were delighted that her suffering life was lifted.

I started walking with cane around my house and the scenery was surprisingly beautiful. I am thankful for everything and to Kanmi-san who introduced this fulvic acid. It is a miracle from God. On November 7, 2010 I went shopping with my daughter after 7 years interval. All people that I met at the supermarket look at me with mysterious eyes. Everyone I knew was surprise and all of my friends wonder whether I might be a ghost since they haven’t seen me for the pass 7 years. I started telling joke by pointing to my foot and saying, “Is there a foot?” Then I touched my foot. And I asked, “Is it a real thing” and my friends were pleased and delighted.

On November 15, 2010 the person in charge of Okayama Rehabilitation came to see me and continuously asking if I am really Ms. Kawakami just to confirm that he wasn’t making a mistake.

The person was very surprise because the other day when he was here seeing me and I remained on the bed, however, at this visitation I was able to walk and it was hard for him to believe. It was puzzling and mysterious for him to see my condition improved so fast. All the rehabilitation that supposed to be done on me was unnecessary anymore. He asked to take some of my pictures and he did. Later on he gave me this picture. The other day during shopping, I left my cane in the supermarket and ever since I walk without cane!

On November 28, 2010 my physical condition was excellent. The condition of the disease doesn’t come back at all. I seem to be able to have a good New Year this year. This is going to be a surprise for my children and grandchildren who will visit the old home. I am delightful, thankful and full of gratitude.

Ms. Matsue Kawakami from Japan

Successfully Reducing Brain Tumor with Humic Free Pure Fulvic Acid

A great new sent from a caring Japanese mother regarding her least than 2 years old daughter courageously fighting brain tumor with Humic Free Pure Fulvic Acid.

Tumor level: 2, Hypothalamus and Optic chiasm have a Tumor about the size of 3 cm behind pituitary gland and about 3 cm distance from her eyes which cannot be surgically operated on. The current treatment is to take 5 sets of the Carboplatin and Etoposhido for three days. Mixed 50 cc (50 ml) of pure fulvic acids with 120 cc of Ensure milk and take 6 times a day. The current weight is 9.0 kg and 1.7 years old. Starting drinking pure fulvic acids since January 2011 and in 6 months took 6.3 litters. Please see the amazing result of reducing brain tumor in these 6 months. Thank you.

From Naomi A., a caring mother from Japan

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